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Jacob Bergdahl performs inspiring and energetic lectures that makes AI entertaining and easy to understand for non-technical audiences. Jacob has been speaking in front of both small and large audiences in both English and Swedish since 2019. He has talked at relaxed after work events, energetic kickoffs, leadership workshops, and conferences. A talk of his can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to several hours.

Jacob speaks on a wide range of topics. Below are some of his most popular topics.

All of Jacob's topics and services can also be done in the form of a workshop, seminar, or webinar. Whether you are looking for a half-day workshop or a LinkedIn webinar, Jacob can craft the perfect event for you.

Jacob has spoken at

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Jacob Bergdahl speaking at Sala Allehanda

About Jacob Bergdahl

Jacob is Head of AI at byBrick. He has a background as a software developer with a Master's in Information Systems. Jacob has studied IT at universities in three countries, created solutions for some of the largest organizations in Sweden, performed talks for company leaderships', written an Amazon best-selling book, worked on Minecraft at Mojang, composed viral articles, built JS Is Weird, helped the US army convey how to use AI, and created the open-source AI interface Limopola complete with an architecture for running autonomous AI agents.

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Jacob has written software for

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Jacob Bergdahl

AI is everywhere

Artificial intelligence is already everywhere. It’s creating music, videos, perfume recipes, software code, and alcoholic beverages. It’s used to tutor children, ensure a presidential candidate’s victory, match job candidates, commit mass surveillance, scan pizzas, explore Mars, track and identify suspects, and much more.

The technological progress of our times is genuinely astounding. Did you know that if our planet had been created a year ago, humanity would have existed on the planet for ten minutes, and the industrial era would have started only two seconds ago? The world wide web and social media were barely mainstream only two decades ago, and today, it’s hard to imagine our world without them. For most of human history, technological progress was incredibly slow. Look at where AI was five years ago, look at where it is today, and try to imagine where it will be in another five years.

World leaders such as Ulf Kristersson, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping have all commented that AI is the most important innovation of our time, noting that the leader in AI will also become the leader of the world. In its late 2023 annual outlook, OECD noted that its member nations may be on track to enter a new industrial revolution, and other institutions appear to agree.

AI’s impact is massive. Hence, it’s no wonder that big tech is investing billions of USD into AI investments. Below are a few interesting statistics on AI’s impact.

People and companies want to use AI in their work and daily lives, either to automate the unfulfilling tasks they don’t want to do, or to augment the fun tasks to perform them even better. Yet, it can be daunting to know where and how to start, and how to deal with major challenges such as ethical and responsible use of AI.

A lecture by Jacob makes the topic tangible, inspires the audience, and sparks awareness and creativity. In addition, Jacob can also be hired as a consultant for longer terms for any aspect of AI initiatives, such as implementing large language models (LLMs), examining ethical and responsible AI use, comprehending AI regulations, or realizing business value with AI.

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